Indigenous Advisory Panel

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Our Indigenous Advisory Committee is composed of distinguished individuals from indigenous communities worldwide. The Panel advises Terralingua on how Terralingua’s work can strategically contribute to Indigenous Peoples’ cause to defend and sustain their biocultural heritage. Current Panel members are listed below:

  • Stephen Greymorning Ph. D; Arapaho, US
  • Aroha Mead; Maori, Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Priscilla Settee Ph. D; Cree, Canada
  • Bernice Aquino See; Kankanaey Igorot, Philippines
  • Johnson Ole Kaunga; Maasai, Kenya
  • Sem Shikongo; Namibia
  • Darryl Cronin; Australia
  • Priscilla DeWet; Khoekhoe, South Africa
  • Tirso Gonzales; Aymara, Peru
  • Torkel Rasmussen; Samiland
  • Anna Prakhova; Samiland
  • Melissa Nelson; Turtle Mountain Chippewa, US