Sacred Natural Sites

Translate for Sacred Nature and earn a book about Sacred Natural Sites

Please help protect sacred natural sites and their custodians by volunteering to translate three short documents into different languages.

Call for Translations on Sacred Natural Sites
We are collaborating with  IUCN’s Specialist Group on Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas (CSVPA), chaired by Rob Wild and co-chaired by Bas Verschuuren, to disseminate a call for translations relevant to the conservation of Sacred Natural Sites (SNS). SNS are biocultural areas: features of the landscape that are revered and protected for cultural and spiritual reasons, which results in the conservation of their biodiversity. But SNS are also biocultural areas at risk, threatened by development and inappropriate management practices by outsiders. The documents to be translated into as many languages as possible are part of a campaign to raise awareness and increase protection of SNS. Please help this campaign by volunteering to translate for CSVPA!

What are Sacred Natural Sites?
Sacred Natural Sites form the world’s oldest socially protected areas network being cared for by their custodians and communities. Sacred sites exist in and outside designated areas such as World Heritage Sites, Protected Areas and Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas and are marked by a distinct spiritual dimension. Today, Sacred Natural Sites are increasingly under threat and many are being destroyed by development or inappropriate management. Guidance provided in unique languages can help improve the recognition and management of sacred natural sites.

What can I do? (…and earn a free book in the process)
You can help protect Sacred Natural Sites by translating some key documents into different languages. The providers of each new and unique translation will be sent a copy of the book “Sacred Natural Sites, Conserving Nature and Culture” (to the extent that we can reasonably provide).

What needs to be translated?
The documents that need to be translated are based on the IUCN-UNESCO publication “Sacred Natural Sites, Guidelines for Protected Area Managers” (Wild and McLeod 2008) and “Sacred Natural Sites, Conserving Nature and Culture” (Verschuuren et al., 2010) The former is already available for free download in English, Russian and Spanish from[1]. A Japanese version is underway while French and Chinese versions are still missing.

The IUCN Specialist Group on the Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas (CSVPA) is seeking your help with translating and peer reviewing:

–   The 5-page core guidelines for the management of Sacred Natural Sites

–   A statement on Sacred Natural Sites made by their indigenous custodians

–   An action plan for the conservation of Sacred Natural Sites

What is the process for translation?
The translations would ideally be carried out by a small group of people in order for them to be peer reviewed and improved. You are also invited to provide country- and culture-specific background information as well as photos, film or other media regarding the sacred natural sites of that country/culture.

What will happen with the translations?
Volunteer Translators will be fully credited and their work will be widely disseminated. The translations will be made freely available on the CSVPA website in pdf format for anyone to access. They will also be disseminated to indigenous peoples’ organisations and conservation professionals, specifically protected area managers.

Interested in participating?
If you are interested in participating or would like to view the documents please download them from the links on the left.  For any questions or further information, please contact CSVPA Chair Robert Wild or Co-chair Bas Verschuuren The translations should be sent to either Robert or Bas.


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