This page showcases an ever-expanding gallery of biocultural diversity conservation projects from all over the world:projects that take an integrative and synergistic approach to conserving nature and strengthening and revitalizing local cultures and languages. It is a “living resource” for everyone interested in biocultural diversity.

The first 45 projects come from our book Biocultural Diversity Conservation: A Global Sourcebook. We identified these projects through a worldwide survey, and described and analyzed them in the book. Here, you’ll find the project descriptions, in the words of the people who contributed them. Click on the tacks on the map below to bring up the description of each project, or go to the Project Gallery menu on the sidebar to look up the projects by geographic area. You can also search all projects by any keyword of interest to you. And you can add your own project to the gallery by clicking on the “Add your own project” button to the right.


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