Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity

Edited by Darrell Addison Posey and Published by ITP on behalf of UNEP 2000.

Article: Linguistic Diversity (by l. Maffi and T. Skutnabb-Kangas with J. Andrianarivo). In Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity, D. Posey (ed.). Pp. 21-57. London/Nairobi: Intermediate Technology Publications/UN Environment Programme.

Weaving together philosophical, historical, legal, scientific and personal viewpoints, this book gives a rich sample of the vast web which makes up our cultural, spiritual and social diversity. The volume highlights the central importance of cultural and spiritual values in the appreciation and preservation of all life and argues that these values give us a true reflection of worth. It demonstrates how many cultures see Nature as an extension of society, and how sensitive stewardship is an integral part of existence. The book covers: language and how cognition and speech encode indigenous knowledge systems are critical for preservation of diversity; the complex issue of indigenous people and the problems of preserving their relationships both with and within their societies; voices of the world – expressions of concern and disquiet over the declining world diversity; holistic health practices where environment and diet are integrated into indigenous medical health systems; the importance of developing effective intellectual property rights and territorial and land rights to enhance and maintain local control. This book arose out of the Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA), a massive review of current knowledge in the broad field of biological diversity, commissioned by United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).

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