• Organizers, panel “A Global Index of Biocultural Diversity”. 9th International Congress of Ethnobiology. Canterbury, UK, 13-17 June 2004.
  • Invited participants, IUCN – UNDP Dialogues on Biological and Cultural Diversity and the Millennium Development Goals. Barcelona Universal Forum of Cultures, 25-26 September 2004.
  • Co-sponsors (with IUCN), breakout session “”El papel de los pueblos indígenas en la conservación y el desarrollo sostenible de la Amazonía [The role of indigenous peoples in the conservation and sustainable development of Amazonia]”. 3rd World Conservation Congress, Bangkok, Thailand, 17-25 November 2004.
  • Policy Matters: Issue 13 Publication: History, Culture, and Conservation, Policy Matters 13 special issue, G. Borrini-Feyerabend, K. MacDonald, and L. Maffi (eds.). “We are dealing with complex and interlinked biocultural phenomena, and the time is ripe to understand them better and apply that understanding in the practice of conservation.” Luisa Maffi co-edited this issue of Policy Matters which ...
  • Ethnobotany and Conservation of Biocultural Diversity Publication: Ethnobotany and Conservation of Biocultural Diversity, T. Carlson and L. Maffi (eds.). Advances in Economic Botany Series Vol. 15. Bronx, N.Y.: New York Botanical Garden Press. The volume showcases recent ethnobotanical research conducted by members of a new generation of ethnobiologists, including case studies from the tropical environments of the Amazon Basin, Africa, ...
  • Say No More – NYTimes.com This Article contains and interview excerpt from Luisa Maffi.

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