• Invited lectures (by L. Maffi), “Eco-Cultural Health for the 21st Century”. University of Tokyo, 18 April 2007 and Research Institute on Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, 23 April 2007.
  • Co-organizers, roundtable “Unity in Diversity: (Re)discovering Organic Thinking for a Sustainable Future”. Festival della Scienza [Festival of Science], Genova, Italy, 27 October 2007.
  • Publication: Culture, by L. Maffi and E. Woodley. In Chapter 5, Biodiversity, Global Environment Outlook: Environment for Development (GEO 4) Report. Pp. 182-185. Nairobi: UNEP. Culture (.pdf)
  • Publication: Biocultural diversity and sustainability (by L. Maffi). In Sage Handbook on Environment and Society, ed. by J. Pretty, A. Ball, T. Benton, J. Guivant, D. Lee, D. Orr, M. Pfeffer and H. Ward. Pp. 267-277. London: Sage Publications.Biocultural Diversity and Sustainability (.pdf)

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