Langscape Volume II, Issue 7

Biocultural Diversity of Coastal BC, Canada

Lang_II_7 (.pdf)

Feature Articles

  • Biocultural Diversity of Western Canada, Coastal BC -Nancy  J. Turner
  • FirstVoices: Bringing Indigenous Language Legacies into the Future -Luisa Maffi,Peter Brand, John Elliot, Ortixia Dilts
  • ÁLEṈENEC̸: Learning from Place, Spirit, and Traditional Language –  Saanich Indian School Board, Joshua Guilar, Tye Swallow
  • Feasting for Change: Reconnecting to Food, Land and Culture
  • First Nations Photography Club

In our homes and in the privacy of our longhouses we continue to observe the wisdom of the past.  The more we learn about the old ways the more we realize that science, mathamatics and social studies did not begin with the schools.  For some of us it ended.

Excerpt from The Saanich Year, by Earl Claxton, John Elliott, Saanich Indian School Board.

Hy’chka, Gilakas’la, Kleco-Kleco, ƛ̓ekoo ƛ̓ekoo! Thank You!

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