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Terralingua is a new (1996) internaciounal organisacioun at sticks in wi:

1. Preserin the warld’s linguistic sindriness, an
2. Reengin connecks atweish cultural and biologic sindriness.

Here a short soummarie o Terralingua’s propones:


Terralingua: pairtnarshaps fur linguistic an biologic sindriness.

A. Terralingua kens:

1. At the sindriness o leids an thair unalyke furms is a vital pairt o the warld’s cultural sindriness,

2. At cultural sindriness an biologic sindriness isnae juist sib til ilkane ither, but gey aft onsinderable; and

3. At lik biologic speshies, monie leids an thair unaliyke furms aa ower the warld is noo forenent wi a crisis o weidin awaa at hits bouk wull mibbie pruive gey muckle.

B. Terralingua depones:

4. At ilka leid, alang wi hits unalyke furms, is o vaillie fur hits ain sake an syne wordie o bein presert an perpetuat, nae maitter whit hits poleitical, demographic or linguistic staunin;

5. At the deceisioun anent whit leid tae yuise, an fur whit ettles, is a foondit human richt hauden bi thaim at belangs til the commontie o speikars at noo yuises the leid or at thair forefowk tradiciounallik yuised hit; an

6. At sic deceisouns anent yuisin the leid tae be made free like in a heft o thole an respeck fur ilkane ither’s cultural sindriness — a tift at is a maun-be fur an eik i the unnerstaunin o ilkane ither amangst the fowks o the warld and a kennin at we ar aa Jock Tamson’s bairns.

C. Syne, Terralingua pits ower the follaein mints:

7. Tae help tae preser an keep gaun the warld’s linguistic sindriness i aa hits kenspeckle furms (leids, dialecks, pidgins, creoles, sign leids, leids yuised i rituals, an siclike) throu speirins, projecks o public lair, heisin uptakin, an commontie uphaudin.

8. Tae tak wit o leids an the wittins thae haud fae the commonties o speikars thersels, fur tae upsteer pairtnershaps atweish leid/cultural groups fae the commontie an scientific/professional organisaciouns at leuks the gate o preserin cultural an biologic sindriness, an fur tae uphaud the richt o commonties o speikars tae mak thair ain deceisiouns anent the yuis o thair leids.

9. Tae licht the connecks atweish cutlural an biologic sindriness bi foondin warkin relaciounshaps wi scientific/professional organisaciouns an ither fowk at leuks the gate o preserin cultural sindriness (lik linguists, anthropologists, ethnologists, cutural warkers, thaim at speiks fur the richts o cauf kintra fowk, cultural geographers, sociologists an siclike) an thaim at leuks the gate o preserin biologic sindriness (lik biologists, botanists, ecologists, zoologists, pheisical geographers, ethnobiologists, conservaciounists, thaim at speiks fur the hail heft, naitral fends managers, an siclike) sae forderin the jynt preserin an keepin gaun o cultural an biological sindriness.

10. Tae wark wi aa fittin bodies, i public an private sectors the baith, an at aa levels fae the gate-enn til the internaciounal, fur tae pit ower the forenemmit.

Plaise tak tent at maist Terralingua traffeck is furst aff screived in Inglis, an at owersettins intil ither leids is taen on haun bi voluntar warkers daein hit i thair ain time aff. Sae, oor mint is tae owerset intil as monie leids as we kin but we cannae staun guid fur aa oor future traffeck bein owerset intil Scots.

Gin ye leuk the gate o the weidin awaa o the warld’s leids, hits biologic speshies, or baith, we tryst ye tae jyne Terralingua. Ther nae chairge fur tae jyne, juist senn us yer nem, postal backin, telephone, fax an e-mail. Hooanivver, gin ye kin affuird tae help uphaud Terralingua financial like, we speir ye conseeder an ilka year inpit o the verra least US$10. (Tae inpit, plaise mak yer cheque or Internaciounal Siller Order fur tae pey “Terralingua”).

Monie Thanks.

Owerset bi: Paul Kavanagh.

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