Inviting biocultural conservation projects for Terralingua portal


If you are or have been involved in an on-the-ground biocultural diversity conservation project, we in Terralingua would like to offer you an opportunity to showcase your project on our biocultural diversity conservation portal (

The portal is the online companion to our 2010 book Biocultural Diversity Conservation: A Global Sourcebook. The book has been praised as a key introduction to an integrated approach to nature conservation and cultural affirmation, and is being widely read by academics, professionals, policy makers and students. It is already having a significant impact on the conservation community, by showing the way toward an integrative and synergistic approach to conserving nature and strengthening and revitalizing local cultures and languages.

Over 45 biocultural projects from all over the world are already featured in our expanding gallery. The projects serve as key examples of the value of the biocultural approach for both conservation and the resilience of indigenous and local communities. The goal of this project gallery and of our portal is to give greater visibility and strength to this emerging approach, and to connect people engaged in biocultural diversity conservation into a community of practice. The projects help foster understanding of and appreciation for this approach, and contribute to creating a favorable climate for biocultural diversity conservation.

The portal is visited frequently by people interested in biocultural diversity conservation, including indigenous and local communities, researchers and practitioners, governmental and non-governmental organizations, international agencies, funders, and others. By including your project in the gallery, you can literally put it on the map of biocultural diversity conservation. You can also become an active part of a growing community of practice, fostered by our discussion forum and other opportunities for interaction.

Projects appropriate for the portal are ones that recognize the links between cultural beliefs and practices, traditional knowledge and innovations, local languages, and biodiversity, and that acknowledge the importance of these links for the conservation, management, and sustainable use of biodiversity and for the resilience of indigenous and local communities.

We especially welcome projects that are initiated and conducted by indigenous and local communities themselves, or that are based on close collaboration and equitable partnership with indigenous and local communities.

To read more about the criteria for project inclusion, and to find out how to submit your project, please go to, or write to

We look forward to hearing from you. And if you know of other people involved in biocultural diversity projects, please do forward this note to them!

Many thanks, and best regards,

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