Call for Submissions: Terralingua Langscape


Ganga Aarti ceremony in Rishikesh, India. photo: Jamie Alissa Beck. From her article A Biocultural Approach to Developement.

Langscape Volume 2, Issue 12


Biocultural Diversity: An Emerging Paradigm in a Changing World Biocultural approaches to conservation, development and education

With Guest Editor: Felipe Montoya Greenheck

In this upcoming issue of Langscape, we hope to bring together some of the voices calling for transformation of the status quo of the way we live on this planet.  The dominant economic paradigm is in crisis, undermined by its own ecological and social unsustainability. Some of the viable alternatives to this destructive system are coming precisely from the multicolored tapestry of diverse peoples who inhabit diverse spaces around the world, and who for the most part have been victims of this dominant paradigm. We believe that vital lessons for the future of life on earth lie in the perspectives, stories and practices of the world’s diverse peoples. We hope to weave together, amplify and honor the voices that arise from this biocultural tapestry. By giving a forum to these voices, we hope to shed light on the promise of biocultural diversity, spark dialogue, and help

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Inviting biocultural conservation projects for Terralingua portal


If you are or have been involved in an on-the-ground biocultural diversity conservation project, we would like to offer you an opportunity to showcase your project on our biocultural diversity conservation portal. The portal is visited frequently by people interested in biocultural diversity conservation, including indigenous and local communities, researchers, funders, and others. By including your project in the gallery, you can literally put it on the map of biocultural diversity conservation.

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