Cultural Vitality

Warriors dancing, Xingu Indigenous Park, Mato Grosso State, Brazil Photograph: Sue Cunningham Photographic

Article: Cultural Vitality. Resurgence Magazine 250: 10-11. Special Issue “Indigenous Intelligence: Diverse Solutions for the 21st Century”, September/October 2008. “This diversity of solutions itself offers the most poignant lesson to be learned from a biocultural perspective: that cultural diversity is not a matter of superficial, if aesthetically pleasing, exotic flavours; it is the deep reflection of human creativity and inventiveness put to the service of enduring issues of adaptation – and, increasingly, of pressing issues of planetary survival.”

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In Defense of Difference § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM

Interview by Terry Glavin, Seed Magaizine.

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4th World Conservation Congress, Barcelona

IUCN, Barcelona, 5-14 October 2008. Terralingua Collaborators Luisa Maffi, David Rapport, Ellen Woodley, David Harmon, and Jonathan Loh traveled to Barcelona, Spain to present Terralingua’s current projects and contribute to key resolutions in this IUCN congress. This is a historical event in field of biocultural diversity, as it was recognized by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) as a key issue, and an entire ‘stream of events’ concerning biocultural diversity were presented.

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