Langscape Volume II, Issue 7


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Webinar Earthcast: Reconnecting Nature and Culture

This Earthcast was presented by the authors of  Biocultural Diversity Conservation and Sacred Natural Sites and explored the important relationship people have with nature and how vital it is for the future of our natural world.

• Understand the concept of biocultural diversity• Learn how to integrate cultural and spiritual values into conservation, tourism and heritage management practices• Discover how embracing the values of local people can dramatically increase the success of conservation and sustainability efforts, for the benefit of all

Luisa Maffi is co-author of Biocultural Diversity Conservation, she is a linguist, anthropologist, and one of the originators of the field of biocultural diversity. She is co-founder and Director of the international NGO Terralingua. She is based in British Columbia, Canada. 

Robert Wild is co-editor of Sacred Natural Sites. An ecologist and social scientist with 25 years practical experience of working with communities at protected areas in East Africa, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Europe. He is chair of the IUCNs Specialist Group on Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas, and is based in Scotland.

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Sanjay Khanna: Nature, Culture and Climate Change

Sanjay Khanna interviews Luisa Maffi for the Huffington Post.

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