Terralingua’s Index of Linguistic Diversity on National Geographic News Watch


Language Diversity Index Tracks Global Loss of Mother Tongues. David Braun of National Geographic News Watch interviewed Maffi, David Harmon, and Jonathan Loh about the Index of Linguistic Diversity. “For the past several years, we had been hearing anecdotal reports about endangered languages–how we’re losing languages by the day, how we may lose 50-90 percent of languages before the end of the century. But nobody had any reliable quantitative data to corroborate these claims,” says Luisa Maffi, co-founder and director of Terralingua. “But now a new Index of Linguistic Diversity (ILD), the first of its kind, shows quantitatively, for the first time, what’s really happening with the world’s languages.”

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Do indigenous peoples hold the key to tackling global hunger? - The Ecologist

Competition for land, water and energy are increasing, exacerbated by climate change and a growing population. But why does the Food and Agriculture Organisation now believe indigenous people could provide a solution? Peter Giovannini investigates. Contains interview excerpts with Luisa Maffi.

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Documenting and Revitalizing Indigenous Oral Literatures

Yimas Girl, photo copyright Cristina Mittermeier, 2011

A generous grant from the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research, which we received at the end of 2010, is allowing us to start a new, vital project! We are embarking on an effort to support the documentation and revitalization of indigenous oral literatures, which reveal the intimate connection between people and nature. We are presently exploring opportunities to start small pilot projects in places as diverse as British Columbia, the Pacific, the Russian Far East, and more! We’ll keep you posted as any one of these opportunities comes to fruition.

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