Policy for Biocultural Diversity: Where Are We Now?


Article: Policy Matters, Issue 17. Policy for Biocultural Diversity: Where are we now? by Luisa Maffi. A brief history of the work that has been done to implement BCD into policy over the past 15 years. “It is arguably critical for advocates of biocultural diversity to continue to rise to the challenge and strive for concrete steps forward at the international and national levels that can, in turn, support and be influenced by local initiatives for biocultural diversity conservation.”

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Cultural Vitality

Warriors dancing, Xingu Indigenous Park, Mato Grosso State, Brazil Photograph: Sue Cunningham Photographic

Article: Cultural Vitality. Resurgence Magazine 250: 10-11. Special Issue “Indigenous Intelligence: Diverse Solutions for the 21st Century”, September/October 2008. “This diversity of solutions itself offers the most poignant lesson to be learned from a biocultural perspective: that cultural diversity is not a matter of superficial, if aesthetically pleasing, exotic flavours; it is the deep reflection of human creativity and inventiveness put to the service of enduring issues of adaptation – and, increasingly, of pressing issues of planetary survival.”

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Talking Diversity


Arti­cle: Talk­ing Diver­sity, fea­tured in IUCN’s World Con­ser­va­tion Mag­a­zine Issue 1, Jan­u­ary 2008. By Luisa Maffi. Biodiversity and cultural diversity are intimately—some would say inextricably— related to each other. Humans have adapted to life in particular environments, while drawing resources from those environments to sustain themselves. In so doing, they have needed to acquire in-depth knowledge of species, their relationships, and ecosystem functions and to learn how to tailor their practices to suit their ecological niches. To a large extent, this has meant learning about stewardship and responsibility: how to use natural resources without depleting them, and often by enhancing them, to preserve options for the future—in a nutshell, the very principle of sustainable development.

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