Index of Linguistic Diversity (ILD) 2006-2010

Harmon and Loh ILD peer reviewed article, in Language Documentation & Conservation, Volume 4, 2010

ILD Supplementary Data Tables, 2010

Abridged version of 2010 article

ILD Companion Langscape, “The Case for Linguistic Diversity”, 2011

Vol. 2 of Biocultural Diversity Toolkit, “Assessing the State of the World’s Languages”, 2014

National Geographic News Watch interview on ILD, 2011 “Language Diversity Index Tracks Global Loss of Mother Tongues”

Luisa Maffi’s presentation on ILD at Trace Foundation, 2010

Article on ILD from Terraviva, 2008


Index of Biocultural Diversity (IBCD) 2001-2005

IBCD report: “A Global Index of Biocultural Diversity” Discussion Paper for the International Congress on Ethnobiology, University of Kent, U.K., June 2004

Loh and Harmon peer-reviewed article, in Ecological Indicators, Vol. 5, 2005

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