ILD Presented at International Conference on Biological and Cultural Diversity

Terralingua Director Luisa Maffi presented on the Index of Linguistic Diversity in a session devoted to “Measuring Biodiversity and Its Values” at the  International Conference on Biological and Cultural Diversity, co-organized by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and UNESCO and held in Montreal in June of 2010.

The aim of the Conference was to contribute to transforming political commitments into concrete actions by developing recommendations towards effectively integrating biological and cultural diversity into development cooperation strategies and programs.

The main objectives of the Conference were to:

  • bring together civil society, representatives of indigenous and local populations, policy makers, scientists and intergovernmental and development cooperation agencies to exchange knowledge and practices linking biological and cultural diversity
  •  provide elements for a program of work to be jointly implemented by UNESCO, the CBD and other partners.

Click here to learn more about this conference: International Conference on Biological and Cultural Diversity.

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