Keynote About ILD Presented at Trace Foundation Symposium


Terralingua Director Luisa Maffi gave a keynote on the ILD at the Trace Foundation symposium “Interdependent Diversities: The Relationship Between Language, Culture, and Ecology”, which was held in New York in September of 2010. As part of the UN-declared International Year of Biodiversity, on Friday and Saturday, September 24th and 25th, 2010, Trace Foundation convened the fifth lecture in their lecture series Minority Languages in Today’s Global Society, to examine the relationship between linguistic, cultural, and biological diversity from the perspectives of traditional land use, livelihoods, and medical knowledge.

“Each language is a unique key to a community’s world view and culture and plays a central role in transmitting historically-developed knowledge about specific, biologically-diverse environments. There is an increasing awareness and recognition of linguistic, cultural, and biodiversity as inter-related and mutually supporting aspects of the diversity of life. As such, the crises affecting these aspects—from biological extinction to disappearing languages—appear to converge and even drive each other on. Understanding the integrated nature of these crises is essential to working towards solutions.”  Trace Foundation Website


Maffi’s Keynote Abstract: Over the past two decades, research has brought out increasing evidence of the links between biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity at local, regional, and global scales. This research has given rise to a field of inquiry that has significant relevance for policy and on-the-ground action. This talk will review current knowledge about biocultural diversity, illustrated with maps and graphs that link biodiversity and linguistic diversity and show some of the trends in biocultural diversity over time. As a contribution to the Year of Biodiversity, the talk will then highlight the vital importance of conserving biocultural diversity in order to sustain our planet’s precious heritage in nature and culture.

To learn more on this symposium visit: Trace Foundation.

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